The Peyote2 is a hand-crafted high end loudspeaker that offers outstanding performance and charm. It fuses traditional Audio Epilog style and everyday usability. The result is one of the worlds most desirable high end speaker. The advanced cabinet structure of the Peyote2 is the key to its superb sound and easy load to any kind of amplifier. It's 6 degree brace architecture, which is unique to Audio Epilog, provides an excellent backbone, while the use of sophisticate materials such as lightweight alloys, advanced composites and traditional glue further contributes to the loudspeakers low accumulation of passive energy and class-leading rigidity. The Peyote2 is perfectly proportioned from every angle, subtle, not attention-seeking. Its lines are clean and distinctive. As with every Audio Epilog product, beauty and balance are critical.


  • 25mm MDF
  • Power suspension of panel vibrations
  • H-type interior damping for canceling standing waves
  • Ported system (back) 

Driver Units:

  • Scan-Speak and Peerless 
  • 164mm HDS Nomex woofer
  • 19mm silk soft dome tweeter


  • 1st order crossover
  • Oxigen free copper air coils 
  • Mundorf audiophile capacitors
  • Metal-oxide film resistors
  • Silver point-to-point soldering


  • Frequency response 43Hz to 20kHz +/-3db
  • Sensitivity 87db/1m/1V
  • Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Amplifier recommendation 150W/per channel
  • Albino cable used for all internal wiring
  • Singlewire gold plated copper terminals ready for 4mm banana plugs, spade plugs or wire up to 16sqmm


  • Satin white
  • Satin black
  • Piano gloss all colours - please ask for offer
  • Raiz Peyote stands optional 


  • H 420mm/16.6"
  • W 215mm/8.5"
  • D 412mm/16.3"
  • Net weight per piece 14.5kg/32lbs
  • Wooden crate pack as special order